The African Movement for Democracy (AMD) expresses concern over the ongoing protests in Zimbabwe. The AMD notes that although there were isolated protests since the beginning of the year, this week’s protests are nationwide, instigated by Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) and other actors of the Civil Society in response to the President’s recent announcement of fuel price increases by more than 100%.

The current protests have led to the killing of citizens and the shutdown of internet communications while police stations have been torched, shops have been looted, private property destroyed and the headquarters of the main opposition party, Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), burned down.

The AMD condemns the use of violence on both sides and strongly deplores the repressive measures deployed by the government in response to the protests including shutting down the internet, partially shutting down Mobile phone networks to prevent people from supporting or organizing protests, and subjecting protesters to beatings and other forms of torture which have led to several deaths.

The AMD calls on both sides to show restraint, engage in dialogue to address the root causes and use non-violent means to solve national problems.

The AMD urges the government of Zimbabwe to take necessary steps to restore the use of internet and mobile communication and to respect the rule of law and protect human rights of its citizens. The future we want for Africa is an integrated, people-centered, prosperous continent, at peace with itself.