The African Movement for Democracy, in partnership with the National Endowment for Democracy (NED-Africa), deployed an international observation team drawn from its member civil society organizations across the African continent, to the October 10, 2017 Presidential and Representative elections in Liberia. This initiative falls within AMD’s strategic Vision 2021 anchored on the global need to strengthen capacity for democratic governance, with an emphasis on the importance of cultivating leaders committed to democratic values such as transparent electoral processes and democratic inclusion. The AMD observer team made of up of 8 accredited International observers carried out a keen observation exercise in 3 different counties, in 15 precincts.

Before engaging in the observation exercise, the AMD observation team went through a series of activities geared towards the mission. This stage of events began in Abuja – Nigeria, in a conference during which an expert trainer Amanda from NDI delivered a lecture on the process of election observation. Also an AMD board member representing NAYMOTE, trained potential observers on the electoral process in Liberia, and the political context in which the general election is taking place.

The team also was on ground three days to the Election Day and observed how campaigns were taking place, held a series of meeting with the young leaders and a member of the National Election Commission. All these preparatory activities were geared towards ensuring that the observers carried out their duties and met set objectives effectively.

AMD Members observing elections in LiberiaThe general aim of the election observation mission was to ensure the fairness of the electoral process including electoral laws and regulations, voting process, vote counting etc. Our biggest goal as International observers was to build public confidence and make an independent assessment of the procedural, security, or other safeguards introduced by election administrators, as well as practical recommendations for further reforms, permitting us to add meaningful voice regarding the integrity of the electoral process and the respect for human rights and democratic principles at the end of the mission